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Welcome to Vicki Israel Creative, an online studio featuring a selection of present and past works of Art and Design.


Below you will discover:

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To view my favourite works please select from the Gallery page. Categories include:

sculpturejewelry, illustration, drawing , fashion, and visual identity.



New Work

It's now December 2019 and I have just completed an online Illustration course called Collections 2, given by Victoria Johnson, a well known successful illustrator. I would like to share my Collection with you.. This Collection can be utilized for Home Decor, Textiles, and Paper products. It was really fun to take this course!


In the last year ( 2018 - 2019 ) I have been experimenting with illustration, line drawing, and photo collage - opening myself up to the whims of my creative nature. No set plan, no set direction. 3 different streams evolved using different 2-D techniques. 



In these 3 illustrations above, my inspiration was Asian Fashion imagery, both vintage and contemporary. I wanted to add a deeper element, more esoteric and mysterious - to tell a story.

I began with a line drawing on watercolour paper. Gouache was applied to add colour: details were then added using coloured markers and coloured pencils. Finally the images were touched up in Photoshop. 

In these 3 line drawings above I wanted to play with gold on black. I used a variety of gold markers and gold pencils to achieve these effects. These are preliminary ideas for drawing on fabric to create wearable art and home decor items although I originally thought of them as greeting cards.

In these 4 photo collage images above I began with a photo of my younger self and played with the idea of previous incarnations backwards through time. Photoshop is my favourite for this!

Portfolio Downloads

Vicki Israel 2-D Art Portfolio
2-Dimensional Art by Vicki Israel includes Drawing, Graphics, and Illustration.
Adobe Acrobat Document 14.8 MB
Vicki Israel 3-D Design Portfolio
3-Dimensional Design by Vicki Israel includes Jewelry and Sculpture.
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.9 MB


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