Artist's Statement

Dragon pencil drawing by Vicki Israel
Dragon pencil drawing

For me Art making is a creative process - a passionate visual expression of an inner impulse that demands materialization. My approach is organic. I first conceive an idea in my imagination, research it, then allow it to lie dormant within me.Through an alchemical process the creative seed within me begins to develop and take shape. As it generates and transforms, the seed idea emerges into my consciousness as a fully developed entity which I then birth into form. 


I draw inspiration from my inner self and am not overly concerned with contemporary styles and trends. I work from a deeper unconscious and collective consciousness level. As a result of existing in this present time /space continuum whatever I create is naturally going to be a reflection of contemporary culture in view of the fact that I breathe and live within it - not because I consciously set out to posture and align myself with a particular movement or group.


I don't create a work of art because I want to make a political statement or publicly declare my gender issues. From my viewpoint the creative process is not a cerebral event, it doesn't involve my mind. I use my heart, my intuition and my body. For me art making is not a conceptual experience, it's an organic one.


I am a graduate ot Emily Carr University Sculpture department. My training is classical, with an emphasis on the figure. Our instructors encouraged us to translate the human form in a realistic and expressive way using traditional methods of modelling, carving and casting. Viewers have discovered that the following attributes exist in all my work - the use of symbols to express spiritual, mystical and archetypal themes. There are always historical references to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Japan or China. My work is representational and draws from nature - animal, plant or human forms. My style is bold and dramatic yet refined; design elements of a classical mode are evident and ancient symbols are modernized. I work with the highest quality materials including bronze, silver, silk, and semi-precious stones. My palette includes rich jewel colors and deep mysterious tones. I have recently embraced the digital realms and use technology to render and apply graphic and design elements. 


Through the historical self analysis of my work I have come to realize that I'm definitely not interested in depicting mundane secular subject matter. I am passionately intent on expressing mystical and esoteric themes through the exploration of the inner realms. To me Art is a visual tool that can be used to activate, inspire and elevate (wo)mans higher nature. It can be used as a means of tapping into the collective unconsciousness, to communicate '' with humanity as a whole using the universal language of symbols.


Art is the tool of the soul. This is my method - this is my focus.


Pencil drawing of Dragon coloured and collaged with ancient Chinese poem ( in Photoshop ), then printed on silk to create a shawl.